How to fix the "need to equip a melee weapon"

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How to fix the "need to equip a melee weapon"

Post  Structure on Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:43 am

Okay once you add an item to your server, you can actually edit the .dbc's to fix the ?, the fact that it doesn't count as an actual weapon for certain abilities, AND the fact that you can't right-click to equip it . No need to replace blizz items, I've already made over 100 custom items for my level 90 cap server, with custom quests and all that nice stuff

This method is rather time consuming the first couple times you do it, but once you get the hang of it and start remembering the numbers for swords/staffs/armour and equip slots like 1h/2h/head. These numbers, btw, are 7/10/1,2,3, or 4 for cloth, leather, mail, and plate. 7 is sword, 10 is staff. 1h equip it 13, 2h equip is 17, head slot is 1. Now, that's all by memory. I don't know whether to be proud or shameful. xD

So, once you have your custom item in your database, download this program called "DBCUtil" Just google "Download DBCUtil" and click the mediafire link, unrar it, and it's good to go.
Now, copy your .dbc file from your SERVER folder. It would be in arcemu\bin\dbc\. Find the "item.dbc" file. Now, copy it, paste it into the same folder as DBCUtil, run DBCUtil, and open the resulting .csv file IN NOTEPAD, because excel seems to corrupt it.
You will see a bunch of random numbers, which you can decypher by looking at your items table in your server! Yay! Corresponding to the column names in the arcemu database, the numbers mean this in their row order:
Now here is an example to help you out:
70000,2,8,-1,5,46609,17,0,(Important: Remember the "," after the FLAGS number.)

This makes my custom item with the entryid "70000" work like a blizz item, as long as all the columns match!
Class: 2=Weapon,
Subclass: 8=2hSword,
Quality: 5=Legendary,
DisplayID: 46609=Frostmourne's DisplayID! It will look like Frostmourne!
Slot: 17= Two Hands,
Flags: 0,

I hope this cleared up any issues you may have had.

To put it into a custom patch and finalize it, just drag it onto the DBCUtil application again to convert it back to .dbc. Then just use an mpq program like WINMpq to pack it into a new patch. Name it "patch-enUS-4" the 4 can be any number really. WINMpq autosaves any changes, so just close WINMpq afterwards. Then put the patch into your world of warcraft\data\enUS\ folder. Now, the last part is to put the dbc in your server as well. It's as simple as dragging your newly converted .dbc file into it's original folder (arcemu\bin\dbc\). Now, fire up your server and it should work. For items, the patch will be less than 10mb, so it's not a huge problem to distribute it to any friends on your server.

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