[TUT] common sql item errors.

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[TUT] common sql item errors.

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:05 pm

so the first error is, invalid ids when spawning in game. Ive actually had this problem befor and its usually because theres too many digits. There needs to be a MAXIMUM of 5 like 99999 and lower.

next error is. SQL Error (2003): Cant't connect to MySWL server on '' (10061). the problem is your MySQL in your server is up and running, and if you think it is, it might have closed down without you noticing because of an error.

Next error is. SQL error (1146) (now this number might be different) Table 'logon.items' doesnt exist.(or any table doesnt matter i just used logon.items as an example. this means in your sql you have the wrong thing selected,(world,logon,character ect.) on the left. make sure if your trying to import a npc or item make sure you have world selected(itll be yellow)

ok rep this if you like or it helped, and if you have any other errors post them here and ill try to help. remember this is COMMON errors Very Happy


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