[MUST_READ] Important Comunity Rules

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[MUST_READ] Important Comunity Rules

Post  Blachex on Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:45 am

This is a little list with our most important comunity rules.

Don't make any topics with title like "plz help ; helpppppppp ; lol Smile)".
-The topic will be deleted by one of our staff members without answer and the member will be warned.

Make the topics in right place.

-The topic will be moved and you will be warned

Check at least two times your grammar before posting a topic or any reply.[/i]
-The members or staff members will can't understand and you will not receive an answer if it's a question.

Respect any member of our comunity.
-In our comunity every member is equal.

Use search or check other topics before asking any question.
-If we see a question already posted in other topic we will delete your topic as it's already made.

Don't PM a moderator or an admin about your questions with privat servers (Only important things!)
-First time we warn you then we ban because we are not here to answer at your question personally. For this we have support forums.

Don't advertise other forums.
-Ban without warn.

Don't flame or spam.
-Posts deleted + warn.

Any obscene images are not allowed.
-Warn and next time ban.

Please report any spam, flame or any other member who is breaking the rules.

Consequences if you don't respect the rules ==> BAN

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